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Experience and share the power of great leadership


An idea based on a

belief in generosity

Our mission has always been to make more people experience and share the power of great leadership. Starting in 2012, we made an even stronger commitment by implementing the Pay It Forward Formula together with our clients and partners. Since then we have provided free leadership training to nearly 1000 youth leaders from our targeted three categories:

Non-profit organizations, sports coaches and start-ups.

We focus on engaging youth leaders because they are making a strong impact within their own generation. As young role models and mentors they can reach deep into young people's minds and hearts. With a little help from established methodologies and inspiring leadership insights we hope to empower them to use their potentials better and make them grow into great leaders, ready to create positive change in their community.


With your contribution

we can expand the movement even further

​We have consciously built Pay It Forward into the DNA of our business model, thereby providing us with another motivational reason to exist as a company. We are very proud to invite you to be part of our movement. Together we can continue to train more youth leaders around the world who are unable to afford it.

How it works:


We dedicate at least 10% of your provided leadership development investment, towards youth leaders in great need of leadership training.


We promise to provide the needed resources that train, inspire and make ready these youth leaders who go on to share sustainable leadership with others.


Equipped with the right mindset and skillset, these youth leaders are ready to pay forward sustainable leadership to the next generation. Thereby fulfilling our mission to make more people experience and share great leadership.


Keen to contribute?

Pay it forward

What is Great Leadership?


...dare to trust people with both their head and heart

...inspire a meaningful business direction and lead by example

...are authentic and proven to be trustworthy in the eyes of others in their own ability and possess the good intention to lead themselves and others

Skissdesign illustration Great Leaders i

...are great self-leaders and take ownership for their own as well as others well-being

...are exponential learners and dare to show the vulnerability needed for it

...understand the privilege and accept the responsibility they have been entrusted with

...are passionate about enabling others to perform and grow

Great Leadership
Why Great Leaders

We help individuals, teams and organizations unleash their full potential by creating a culture of learning and trust. Since 2005 we have been on a mission to make more people experience and share the power of great leadership together with our client pioneers and the well-reputed leadership researchers Susan Fowler, Taylor Roberts and Drea Zigarmi


Great Leaders believe that everyone is born a leader, but everyone is not yet a great leader. To be a great leader you need to challenge yourself and be willing to face your vulnerability and weaknesses in order to grow. But most importantly: to be a great leader you need to be a great learner.

We believe that
everyone is born
a leader

But we're not all great leaders ... just yet!

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