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Online and
self-paced Courses

In this fast moving and changeable economy, the demands placed on leadership development is higher than ever before. You need to be forward-thinking and constantly updated to help the organizations in the best way possible.

Whether you are an experienced leader, a soon-to-be leader or a self development-hungry employee, Great Leaders provides various online development courses to help you become more competitive and sustainable in your role.

Covering topics such as




Patterns of human behavior



our online courses will help you to

take responsibility for your own development. 

Our courses are designed to… 

… support sustainable growth for yourself, both as an individual and in within your working role


inspire you to take ownership of your own learning


challenge you to grow in your role by applying the learning to your work context


In these online and self-paced courses, there is no need to be tech savvy.

The only demand is for you to begin the courses with an open mind and a willingness to challenge yourself -  it’s as simple as that!

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Online Courses
Self-leadership Course



That’s not my problem!


I can’t do that!

Our self leadership training is designed to… 

… train and equip you with the powerful tools and perspectives necessary to build and grow professionally

… challenge you to act from a position of greater autonomy and ownership within your role. Offering greater contributions that benefit the entire organisation

… inspire you to continually develop and grow

your self leadership skills

We believe that we all are leaders and that proper self leadership is the key to both personal and organizational growth. Collective leadership is grounded and dependent on each individual’s ability to self-determine and lead themselves.

A great leader is first a great self leader.

Self leaders take full ownership of how to become the most contributional and productive version of themselves.


How can I solve this? 


How can I learn how to do that?

FORMAT:  Self-Paced Digital

LENGTH:  8 weeks

PRICE:  3 500 SEK

Is this the course for you? 

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Woman thinking of self-leadership



Image by Timon Studler
Image by CoWomen

Lead Others

This leadership training is designed and developed for those ready to be challenged to unleash their leadership capacity. Encompassing the interdependent connection between strategy, culture and leadership which puts the focus on the expectations of someone that is entrusted to lead others. The training is action oriented and heavily focused on connecting leadership development to your current responsibilities and context.

The training is designed with

the ambition that the participants will develop… 

a passion for their own leadership that leads to more passionate co-workers 

… strong beliefs around great leadership that fosters trusting environments

important perspectives and tools that lead to sustainable leadership helping to cultivate high-performance teams

… a leadership that simultaneously meets both your individual needs 
and business needs 

FORMAT:  Blended

LENGTH:  10 weeks

PRICE:  19 500 SEK

Is this the course for you? 

Lead Others Course


New as a Leader

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Christina @

It takes time, energy and effort to become a great leader.

As a new leader it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by the expectations and responsibilities in the task ahead. 

The skills to face and take action on different types of workplace challenges, such as having disagreements within the team or having difficult conversations, can at times be really complex and stressful.


That's why Great Leaders help prepare you with confidence.

Providing a formidable toolkit and a well-established framework to become the best leader you can possibly be.

The training is designed with the ambition to…

… erase any preconceived misconceptions of what leadership is and replace it with the science based practical tools and frameworks that build confident leaders

… create self-awareness and a deeper understanding of other people 

empower the individual and the team in the most effective and powerful way possible with a leadership based on trust, empathy and sustainability. 

Let the journey begin!

FORMAT: Blended

LENGTH:  10 weeks

PRICE:  19 500 SEK

Is this the course for you? 

New as a Leader Course
Personal Trainer

Personal Leadership Trainer

We are truly passionate about making more people experience and share the power of great leadership. The solution to unleash individual potential is a tailored process that fast-forward the skill-set, mindset and actions of a great leader.


The PT-process works both as a single experience on demand or as an add-on to any other leadership training to boost individual growth. 

Want to know more?

Tool: Are you a great leader?


Are you a great leader?

This may be perceived as a provocative question.

Nevertheless, we believe it is fair to say that the ones who truly strive to become great leaders embrace the question with both curiosity and ambition.


Together with our experienced leadership gurus, Drea Zigarmi and Peyton Taylor we’ve created a tool which provides you the answer to that very question. 


Based on data from people around the world we’ve managed to create a metric for great leadership.


Are you up for the challenge?


We are! 

Let's explore this further together

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