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Core skills for
great leadership

At Great Leaders, we believe that trust and learning are the overarching elements of great leadership. To support and enable trust and learning, we have furthermore identified a number of core components that together, and separately, help to build strong foundations for Great Leadership.



Trust is the most important and valuable leadership asset and is more complex than people think.

With the help from our powerful assessment tool Trust Score, we provide the participants with a snapshot and baseline to improve their capacity to build trusting relationships in their teams and with their coworkers. 

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The participants will...

contribute to building trust and strengthen relationships by getting to know each other even better ​

…increase their awareness of trust and gain the tools to build emotional and rational trust

diagnose their level of trustworthiness from both their own perspectives and with the help of observers using the Trust Analysis.

identify their most important relationships and create an action plan on how to take responsibility to increase the level of trust

Exponential learning

Exponential Learning

This model helps to enable sustainable growth and exponential learning in a fast-growing business environment.

We highlight human development behavior and share tools and insights on how to leave the comfort zone and truly enter the world of learning.

The participants will...

explore and define strengths and development potential in regard to the four exponential learning enablers. 

​…explore old beliefs/limitations (assumed constraints) that might be in the way of new experiences​

Great Leaders - Larande sälj ENG - Dec 2022-Fullsize2.png

take responsibility for their development by defining their most important learning and development goals​

Strong supporters

Great leadership is a true art, and we love to explore a diverse range of modules and processes to match the specific needs of our clients. Here are some examples of these modules that may inspire you to ask...

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With the latest research on motivation, we develop the right mindset and skillset to build sustainable energy for ourselves, our employees and our team.

We provide participants with knowledge
about human needs that help create an optimal motivation and keys on how to  facilitate high energy motivation, both for yourself and your team.

Great Leaders - Patterns of Behavior ENG - Dec 2022-Fullsize.png

Patterns of behavior

By becoming more aware of our personality and natural patterns of behavior, we will learn how to utilize our strengths and recognise when our behavior becomes dysfunctional.

Together, we will build a common language that enables us to communicate more effectively with each other.

Patterns of behavior
Performance model
Great Leaders - Behovsanp ledarskap och personlighet ENG - Dec 2022-Fullsize.png

The performance model

A successful leader understands the needs of others in combination with the skill to flexibly meet those needs.

Meeting needs in different situations requires both the will and skill to use different coaching behaviors and styles.


Great Leaders - Coaching o Feedback - ENG - Sept 2022-Fullsize.png

Coaching aims to improve performance and focuses on helping others develop. As a coach you facilitate self leadership on a higher level.

In this module the participant will understand the importance of asking the right questions and how to facilitate the coachee to utilize strengths and identify personal development needs.

Goal setting


Great Leaders - Feedback - July 2023 ENG-1800px.png

Successful companies constantly find new ways to improve, and effective feedback has benefits for the giver, the receiver, and the wider organization.

We discuss why we often fail to create a feedback culture and how to create a healthy one

Great Leaders - Goal Setting - July 2023-1800px.png

Goal setting

Uncertainty manifest itself when we are without goals. Goals provide clarity and direction.

We place an emphasis on the importance of setting clear and measurable goals as well as the added accountability created when we communicate openly in our own environments with our colleagues.

Time & enegy management

Time and energy management

Time and energy management encapsulates a skillset of both managing your focus, your productivity and your workload effectively according to your own energy levels.

Great Leaders - Time & Energy Management - July 2023 - 1800px.png

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