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Petra Brohäll


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Tell us about yourself!

I am 36 years old and live in Stockholm (Kungsholmen) with my Family. I grew up in the countryside and am therefore very into wild life - I love hiking, picking mushrooms in the forest and going out hunting!  In my spare time I also like to spend time “on the good things in life” - culture, good food, music, wine and (whenever possible) running.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in both Rethorics and Social Psychology and I’ve been working in the Education Industry for over 10 years (as a Communications-, Marketing- and Business Unit Manager). The more knowledge I got within the leadership area, the more I realized that I wanted to work with it full time!

How would you describe your leadership experience?

I’ve always been drawn to and fascinated by leadership, whether it was as a team captain in the football team or as a leader of the choir. I like to work with people and have always been very interested in the mechanisms that make individuals, teams and groups work better and more efficiently together.

During these last eight years I've been working with different types of leadership. Before I started at Great Leaders I led a communications team (12 people) which really developed my leadership skills.

I had to deal with a lot of challenging situations (everything from having difficult conversations, handling emotions caused by a reorganization, to the more delightful parts of following someone's development journey) Working hands on with leadership has really helped me understand the complexity of it.


Today I am a Partner and a Leadership Consultant at Great Leaders. I do lectures, I facilitate workshops and coach leaders as a Personal Leadership Trainer.

What is “Great Leadership” to you?

A great leader, to me, is someone who sees the potential in everyone and gets a kick out of helping other people develop and grow!


A great leader is brave and dares to delegate both responsibility, mandate and important tasks to others, because great leaders don't create followers, but other leaders.

Last but not least a great leader is someone who never sees oneself as fully-trained and always takes the chance to develop!

What do you see as the benefits of having a personal leadership trainer?

I think that people should get a personal leadership trainer for the same reasons why people get a personal trainer at the gym: to get that extra push from someone who has the experience and knowledge within the area and therefore can go deeper to help maximize your personal capacity.

Sometimes it’s easier for someone “from the outside” to help see things clearer.

What can one expect from you as a PT?
What are your strengths? What value will you add?

First and foremost, to me it is really important to understand the leader’s context (work environment, role, company, goals etcetera) as well as the leader’s challenges and ambition. Where does the leader have his/her strengths and development areas? Once I feel like I understand the present situation it is easier for me to support the leader to the desired state.

Together, we integrate Great Leader’s science-based tools and help widen the perspectives into the leader's daily work. I see it as teamwork where the leader and I work together on this. The more honesty and trust we build between us, the more powerful insights and results we can get out of this process together.

Want a first cost-free consultation?

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