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Benn Harradine


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Tell us about yourself!

I am passionate about performance and an advocate of compassionate leadership.

I believe in enabling rather than protecting. Leading people to develop through questioning and enquiring. 

I have been an Olympic athlete in the Discus and hold the Australian and Oceania record.I love to combine both mental and physical components in my work and I always try to find a deeper meaning to the projects I engage in.

My specialities include performance strategy, analytics, biomechanics, performance therapy, physiology, coaching and mentoring, teaching, playing and writing music and hearty conversation. 

​My number one core value is family. I have so much to thank my family for and not a day goes by that I am grateful for having such wonderful people close to me.

How would you describe your leadership experience?

I have worked for and with both wonderful leaders in many different forms, but I have also worked in organisations that have a clear lack of understanding of the importance of impactful leadership. Both sides of the paradigm have considerable influence on people and teams. 

Reflecting on my own leadership I would say that I am forever growing. I highly value empathy and authenticity and make sure to add flare and individualism to those I connect with. Notwithstanding the need to inspire and enable others so I too can thrive in a mutually giving environment.

What is “Great Leadership” to you?

Selfless, compassionate and meaningful. Great leadership should leave a mark in those it touches. Both in the head and in the heart.

What do you see as the benefits of having a personal leadership trainer?

You don’t know what you don’t know. In my world of Olympic sport, there is a constant strive after the smallest of margins. Training smarter does not mean the same thing as training harder and even the greatest efforts have strong intentions. 

Having access to others who can guide you provides motivation, perspective and confidence and most importantly evaluation. 

A personal trainer may not have “the answer” but certainly can add value by providing perspective, reflection and refinement of effective processes towards improvement.

What can one expect from you as a PT?
What are your strengths? What value will you add?

You can expect energy, engagement and enjoyment. A contagious work ethic and a safe space to try new methods and fail gracefully.

I add value from my degree in exercise physiology and extensive experience as a high performance director, coach and olympic athlete. I am relentless, engaging and empathetic and most of all, I am fun to be around.

Want a first cost-free consultation?

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