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Mattias Dahlgren


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Tell us about yourself!

My personal mantra is ”Live as you will die tomorrow – learn as you never will die”. I am truly grateful for making the right life choices to get to this position, being able to make a difference by developing Great Leaders.

I also enjoy spending quality time with "my girls" (wife and two daughters), creating great memories together every day! 

How would you describe your leadership experience?

+20 years as a professional leader and +25 years as a sport coach has shaped my beliefs around leadership. I am grateful, humble and feel blessed to be given the possibility to evolve as a leader.

Since 2005 I have had the privilege to train leaders all over the world and through their perspectives and challenges become even more humble and dedicated to make more people experience and share Great Leadership.

What is “Great Leadership” to you?

A lot, and something to really strive for.
Great leaders are great learners that foster a trustful environment – enabling people to grow and contribute to a common success!

They are authentic and have the self-awareness required to know when their behaviors are dysfunctional and the courage to instead choose behaviors that serves both the individuals as well as the company.
Great leaders are heat seekers – not heat deflectors 

What do you see as the benefits of having a personal leadership trainer?

I have always had mentors that has helped me to prioritize and facilitate my own growth as a leader. We all need someone that really cares, are willing to listen to you, someone that ask´s questions, provide perspectives or challenge you when needed to be the leader you want to be more often…

A personal trainer makes sure that you grow as a leader and get leverage on your efforts!

What can one expect from you as a PT?
What are your strengths? What value will you add?

Commitment and passion!
I might not have all the answers, but I think my extensive experience helps me to ask the right questions for you to get leverage.

I am here to serve and will give you 100 % engagement and 24/7 support in your personal journey towards great leadership. 


"I highly appreciate Mattias extensive executive experience and his ability to facilitate clarity for me. Having a good friend to call 24/7 who wants to help you succeed and become the best version of yourself is something I can recommend to everyone” 

- Mattias Wiking, CEO Turborilla

Want a first cost-free consultation?

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