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The Science

One of our success factors is certainly the close relationships we have forged with our researchers. Together we are equally invested and engaged in bringing research based facts and validated metrics to life in order to live our mission.   


Dr. Drea Zigarmi

Great Leaders has been working with Drea Zigarmi for many years. He is a senior consulting partner for the Ken Blanchard Companies and is a well known author, motivational speaker and also a coveted trainer.


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Susan Fowler

Susan is one of the most reputable scientists within Motivation and Personal Empowerment. She has a wide range of experience and knowledge within different areas which makes her research and understanding for different people/businesses extremely broad.


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Susan Fowler snapshot Fatal Dristraction
Taylor Peyton - Intervju - Poway Kalifor

Dr. Taylor Peyton

Dr. Taylor Peyton  is Principal of Valencore Consulting and Assistant Professor of Leadership and Workplace Psychology at Boston University.  


Her areas of expertise include authenticity in leadership, organizational behavior and  psychology. Her recent research collaborations and publications examine emerging topics in leadership, authenticity in leaders, employee work passion, employee affect, and power. 

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