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Are you a Great Leader?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Together with our researchers Drea Zigarmi and Taylor Peyton, we have developed a robust framework for measuring the most important skill a 20-century leader must master.

This thoroughly researched and validated trust analysis will provide you with a deeper understanding of your current ability to build and foster trust, but more importantly it provides you with practical tools on how to develop this trust-based skill to become a Great Leader.

We are proud to provide you with this online accessible learning capacity that will bring direct value to you, your people, and your company! Bravely begin your journey and join in our important mission to make more people "experience and share the power of Great Leadership''. Explore your hidden potential as a leader and elevate your baseline to accelerate your leadership.

To earn a “Great Leadership Certificate”, you need to prove your ability to build both rational and emotional trust among the people you are leading over time. This is accomplished over a period of 12 months whereby your people share with us every 3 months their current willingness to truly trust you with both their head and heart. Trust is a skill and through personal awareness and training can be better learned and nurtured. If you are interested and open to accepting guidance, we can provide you with a personal trainer from Great Leaders to help you fast forward your leadership development! Contact us and we will provide you with deeper insight on the topic of Trust and Great Leadership!


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