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Turborilla - Great Leaders stories

We continue to share stories about the pioneers that are part of our mission to make more people “Experience and share the power of Great Leadership”. This time Mattias Wiking, CEO at Turborilla share his perspective on how to get leverage from leadership training.

Mattias Wiking, CEO

Turborilla's mission is to bring approachable, inclusive, exciting and entertaining skill-based action sports games to enthusiasts. We have 35 employees in 7 locations and 9 nationalities.

Turborilla engaged in a partnership with Great Leaders to stimulate continued growth of the company. We believe that we have untapped potential in our individual and collective capacity to lead ourselves and each other towards a common vision.

At Turborilla our employees are spread across multiple continents. We work remotely and connect and communicate virtually. We saw Great Leaders leadership training as an opportunity for us to increase and improve communication, strengthen relationships at all levels, and establish mutual perspectives of leadership, self leadership and how to better support each other.

Together with Great Leaders we designed our leadership process as a hybrid format in order to leverage both virtual and physical meetings. Some key concepts from the training that I can recommend:

  • Starting and ending the process In-Real-Life added great value, both in getting to know each other, building trust and conducting practical exercises.

  • Having 60 minutes of high quality online pre-work really helped us to be well prepared for our sessions and enabled us to focus and reflect on business applications during our sessions. As a company we made a decision to prioritize this on Tuesdays.

  • Using digital breakout sessions in smaller groups (regularly mixed) with well thought out questions and cases helped us to engage and learn from each other.

  • Establishing learning triads with meetings to share and learn from each other in between the sessions was highly beneficial.

  • Invest in all your people and make this a journey that involves everybody. It is as beneficial for me as a CEO, our managers, as well as a newly recruited employees. The training provided us with a common platform for effective communication.

You can read a more in depth interview with Mattias and his crew in August.


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