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Starbreeze - Great Leaders stories

We continue to share stories about the pioneers that are part of our mission to make more people “Experience and share the power of Great Leadership”. This time we learn about why Starbreeze invests in leadership for all employees. This is the answer from Tobias Sjögren, CEO at Starbreeze.

Tobias Sjögren

In 2021 we entered a new era for Starbreeze and we started that journey by going back to our core to identify what we do best and what the foundation we stand on is made of. It became clear to us that it is all about strong and accountable individuals, working together as one team.

When we had identified our core values and established our future strategies for Starbreeze, we had to find the most efficient way to communicate our goals and align our crew. This included input on where to go but also on how to get there, making sure that we provide the right tools, enabling our crew members to be the very best of themselves. We also made a pledge to implement our culture in each part of our company and we knew that can only be done efficiently if we focus on our behaviors. A couple of fancy words means nothing, culture is all about how we interact with each other in our everyday life.

When creating video games, working together efficiently is absolute key, and to do that you need to be able to know and lead yourself. Heading into this new journey we wanted to make sure everyone at Starbreeze got the chance to train this capacity and develop new skills. So, our challenge was to deliver a self-leadership training program to all our crew and having it tightly integrated with our culture and expected behaviors. And not only did Covid restrictions affect our ability to physically meet doing this, but we were already before the pandemic a team accustomed to working with each other over video conferencing - having several offices in different countries and team members located all around the world.

Great Leaders could provide all that we were looking for, in a format that fitted our specific needs and integrated our culture into the delivery in a great way. Pelle, his colleagues and the online tools and flexibility in how to deliver the training made it possible for us to reach everyone. The workshops for each module enabled dynamic discussions around the topics and many shared insights and laughs along the way.

We’re looking forward to the rest of our journey and will not hesitate to reach out to Great Leaders in the future as we grow as a company and as a team

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