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Kickstart autumn with a Workshop!

”Tools to better regulate your attention and energy”. Workshop with Benn Harradine

Have you started planning your kick-off, teambuilding sessions or conference for the autumn? Why not hit the ground running with an inspiration session or workshop with Great Leaders!

Book one of our most requested sessions: ”Tools to better regulate your attention and energy”.

Our workshops are based upon science and research and are created in partnership with our leadership researchers. The combination of art, science will create positive effects for you, your colleagues and your organizations.

At Great Leaders we are driven to inspire and assist our clients to build and maintain trusting working environments so that all employees have the possibility to take responsibility for their own personal leadership and the leadership of their colleagues.

​Takeaways from the workshop:

  • A practical understanding of energy states and how to influence them

  • Confidence in the regulation of attention and how to overcome daily distractions. Developing your own ”on and off button”

  • Fun and practical resources that challenge norms through play.

Get in touch with Benn Harradine, leadership consultant (and three time olympian!) to learn more and book your session:


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