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Great news about great leadership!

We have six Personal Leadership Trainers ready to engage, challe​nge and inspire your growth and development. They will ensure leverage of our 12-week leadership training designed in close cooperation with our well reputed researchers.

Fast forward your leadership capacity by signing up for your leadership journey this fall.

Read more about the training in the document below and get to know our PT’s here

Or set up a meeting to apply for an exclusive seat today!

Send an email to pelle.sundquist@greatlead

​Invitation (PDF) to the ENGLISH journey Starting Sept 5th:

Great Leaders Invitation Online Leadership Training With PT - Start 5 SEPT 2022
Download PDF • 1.48MB

​Invitation (PDF) to the SWEDISH journey Starting Aug 29th:

Online Ledarskapsträning med PT
Download PDF • 1.43MB


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