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Nordic Jobs World Wide - Great Leaders Stories

We are grateful when pioneers like Nordic Jobs World Wide invest in leadership training for all employees and want to be part of our mission to make more people “Experience and share the power of Great Leadership". We asked Rickard Fritjofsson, founder and CEO to share his story.

Rickard Fritjofsson, Henriette Husevåg, Björn Bernhardsson

Covid came and turned the work-life upside down. Me and my partner Björn have always been interested in leadership with our background from sports management. To make sure that we speak the same “language” in the company no matter what background, nationality, or country you are working from, we wanted to develop the self-leadership and leadership mentality in the company. Create a red line between offices, brands, teams, and individuals. That we all share the same picture and have the same chance to develop and learn how to collaborate with others. What is your motivation? People have different triggers, and we need to understand them to be able to work and respect each other’s work. Communication is the key to all success. Communication also builds trust, that we believe in each other and trust that things will be done and communicated. Without communication, trust can be broken, and micromanagement can be a part of daily work. That is not fun or beneficial for anyone in an organisation.

Pelle and Great Leaders helped us to build up this understanding, what motivates us and how do we communicate and trust each other. We are a fast-growing international recruitment agency with colleagues in 9 different countries, colleagues from 15 different countries and from many parts of the world. We wanted to create our own company language and help our “young” organisation and leaders to be more comfortable in their roles. Also, that all colleagues had the similar training in self-leadership, so that we all share the same company culture, and visions.

We chose to use Great Leaders during one of the toughest periods during the pandemic in Q1 2021 and it helped us to be prepared when it turned. The outcome has been fantastic, and we will now continue to develop our new leaders and colleagues with the same training during the beginning of 2022.

Thanks to Pelle and Great Leaders, we are looking forward to start using your services for more purposes in the future!


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