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Five questions to Mattias Wiking at Turborilla

NAME: Mattias Wiking

ROLE: CEO Turborilla

TRAINING: Hybrid Leadership Training for all employees

What are your three personal highlights from the training?

The first thing is that when you are working remote and by yourself it puts more pressure on you to be good at leading yourself on a daily basis. By training everyone in a structured way helps all of us become more self-aware, better in leading ourselves and each other – really powerful.

Secondly, the motivation module - it helped us to understand that motivation comes from yourself. It’s not up to someone else to motivate you… It was really valuable when we gained an understanding of the mindset in regards to motivation as well as equipping us with a skillset on how to lead yourself to be optimally motivated.

Finally, the epiphany that you can divide Trust into two dimensions, rational and emotional trust. This language enables us to diagnose and talk about the current level of trust and how to work on developing it in our teams.

What do you envision to be the success factors to get long-term leverage from your investment in leadership training?

I think the most important thing is understanding that it’s not a one-time thing. You need to continuously work on leadership and take time to reflect, encourage and acknowledge the behaviors we have promoted.

We also need to rethink the way we work in order to foster a trusting environment empowered by self-leaders at all levels. I constantly need to challenge my old beliefs on how to operate with the purpose of empowering people to take initiative and ownership. It's exciting and challenging…

One example that we have implemented is our yearly in depth development talks and it's easy to refer back to the Great Leaders leadership training in several topics. For example, on the topic of feedback, we have adjusted our guiding principles around feedback to emphasize the importance of asking for feedback instead of waiting for it. I am glad to see this happening more frequently. It’s about taking ownership of the feedback you want and need to develop.

What did you value the most with the training in terms of the content and the learning process?

1. To learn to know more about my colleagues point of views and opinions and gain more insight in where I am in my process of self leadership.

2. That I’ve learned things about myself both as an individual and in the workplace. I have of course thought about what motivates me, my goals etc but never gone into this level of depth. It has been like peeling an onion, with lots more layers I even thought were possible. I also feel like we have grown closer together as a company. We have grown to know each other better and that is something I value greatly.

3. The importance of trust. Deliberately experimenting and trying new behaviors.

Asking for specific feedback, and trying to give feedback as a treasured gift.

Are there any immediate effects for you in your role and your ability to perform and deliver from the training and learning journey? Please give specific examples if possible.

I have started to work a lot more with the chapter on motivation and how to apply this to my everyday work (and everyday life in general actually). I have also started to apply more thoughts about future goals and how to reach them. I think it kinda changed my mindset overall.”

As a manager I think of areas that are slightly outside of my colleagues comfort zone and ask if they want to strive for a personal goal in that area.”

Have you observed any impact in your ways of working together as a team/company?

The biggest benefit was probably that the whole process brought us all a little bit closer together, and that improves communication within the company.

I think it helped us connect in a way that is extremely valuable. Understanding the differences in the way we think, how we sometimes strive for the same things but just simply say it differently. Communication is everything and this has definitely helped, I have no doubt about that.

Colleagues give each other more praise. Team leads are more aware of issues that individuals have had in the last year. The needs of individuals are more in focus.

Are you ready to take you leadership to the next level?


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