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Johan Lampinen


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Tell us about yourself!

I am a father of two married to Linda since 10 years. The kids are 6 and 8 years old and naturally my free time is spent with my family. I have my roots in the northernmost part of Sweden, above the Arctic Circle. This environment shaped me from early years and accelerated during my time in the military experiencing the real wilderness of Lapland.

After a peacekeeping mission to former Yugoslavia I chose to study physics and practiced that for a number of years within ABB. 2016 I left ABB for the Non-Profit sector and at last ending up within Great Leaders.

How would you describe your leadership experience?

My backpack is filled with different leadership experiences both practical and theoretical. From one-to-one leadership working with soldiers, leading teams and departments in middle management to global leadership in a matrix organization coordinating teams in different continents.

And lately also as a CEO working on a strategic level developing a large non-profit organization to transform into one of Sweden's best employers.

What is “Great Leadership” to you?

In my view great leaders lead by example, stand by their values, help people develop and reach their goals and takes pride in accomplishing success for others.

Great leaders also connect the visionary perspective to each and every one that work in the organization, that makes people see their place in the big picture and realizing their importance in the success of the company.

What do you see as the benefits of having a personal leadership trainer?

To have an external part to speak to. A part that has relevant leadership experience and is able to coach the participant into actually change and develop their skills. A trainer can widen the perspective on topics brought into the discussion.

What can one expect from you as a PT?
What are your strengths? What value will you add?

The participant can expect honest straight forward coaching discussions. A possibility to get perspectives on questions from different leadership contexts.

Want a first cost-free consultation?

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