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Are you a great leader?


Let's find out!


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What is Great Leadership?

We believe that great leaders are courageous and have developed the mindset and skillset to foster a culture of trust and learning.

What is Great Leadership

A great leader...

...dare to trust people with both their head and heart

...inspire a meaningful business direction and lead by example

...are authentic and proven to be trustworthy in the eyes of others in their own ability and possess good intentions to lead themselves and others

Skissdesign illustration Great Leaders i

...are great self-leaders and take ownership for their own well being as well as others 

...are exponential learners and dare to show the vulnerability needed for it

...understand the privilege and accept the responsibility they have been entrusted with

...are passionate about enabling others to perform and grow


Great Leaders are one of our most strategic partners. They’ve helped us to introduce leadership and developed the leadership in our organisation. Without them we wouldn't be able to work with the leadership development the way we do.

Mikael Jonsson

Head of People and Culture, Zington

Great Leaders have really invested time and effort in understanding us as an organization. They’ve taken a lot of ownership over our journey and what we want to accomplish and I feel like this journey is something that we’ve done together rather than feeling they have done it for us, and that is a key component for us when choosing a partner that we want to work with long term.

Susana Meza Graham

Former COO, Paradox interactive

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