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Unique leadership training for leaders in the game development industry

For over a decade, Great Leaders has gained invaluable experience through partnerships with game development companies. These collaborations have proven to be both challenging and inspiring, aligning perfectly with our mission. The dynamic environment of the game development industry compels us to continuously evolve, ensuring we remain different and relevant.


Role Models

The Pioneers

Our experience includes collaborations with renowned companies such as Paradox Interactive, Starbreeze, Arrowhead, Mojang, King, and Cult of the North. Over the years, we have trained nearly 2,000 leaders and co-workers across Europe.

Thank you for trusting in us and our capabilities!

Open Training

We deliver exceptional leadership training for managers and leads in the gaming industry. Our open training sessions foster broader networking opportunities while enhancing leadership capabilities alongside industry peers. A key element of our open training is the guest speakers — industry pioneers who add a unique dimension to the experience. These workshops are held at various studios, enriching the course theme and making it a truly memorable journey!

The next cohort in Stockholm will start
September 25th, 2024

For more information or to apply for a seat, please contact Pelle:

What we do

Our partnerships involve developing and supporting management teams. We facilitate the process where the management team analyzes the current state of both the team and the company across various aspects. This provides valuable insights for designing purposeful initiatives to develop leadership at all levels. We support sustainable growth by strengthening individual and collective leadership capacity, enabling all leaders and employees to role model the cultural pillars and enhance strategy execution.

We use Trust Score to measure the level of trust in the organization, specifically within the leadership. With the help of the Trust Score, we can understand both strengths and opportunities, allowing us to effectively support the growth of the company, teams, and individuals.

Additionally, we offer extensive individual support to leaders through our Leadership PT concept.

Our training programs are delivered in a blended format, where participants take ownership of their learning through online pre-work, IRL and virtual workshops, work-context experiments, and practical application, coupled with continuous reflection and sharing of learnings.

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